Surrender is the core lesson in the nonexistent book of parenting. Children do not come with instructions but intuition, a solid village and lots of prayer will get you through the day. In contrast, the adoption process is a best laid plan that is often counterintuitive. And if you like to be in the know, yielding to the judgment and timeline of others can damn near kill you!

Shonda Rhimes knows this first hand and shares her journey to motherhood through adoption in Carried in Our Hearts, Creating Families Across Continents by Dr. Jane Aronson. 

It was in that car that I finally understood the surrender. That I finally fully accepted that this wasn’t my process. That something in me broke open. Because I realized that I wasn’t sitting in that car thinking about me. I was sitting in that car thinking about the scared girl heading for an operating room having a baby she would ultimately hand over. To me. This wasn’t my surrender. It was hers.

via Shonda Rhimes: How I Learned To Surrender – The Daily Beast.