I know I’m late but congratulations to Actress Kym Whitley for adopting baby boy Joshua Kaleb. I hope that her journey was smooth and know that the joys of mothering a son will be challenging and hilarious! The time really does fly and I marvel at my now 4-year old whose “I can do it by myself!” motto causes me to hold my breath and pray that nothing gets broken. And Ms. Whitley, if you’re reading…I’d love to interview you for my book, My Eggs Are Fine, I Adopted Anyway: Profiles of Single Women Who Couldn’t Shake the Mommie-Jones. Speaking of which, I’ve got some exciting news. My book proposal for said title is in the capable hands of an agent. Waiting is hard but if she agrees to represent me then the waiting is worth it.

In a similar vein, I have decided to take my backlist catalog of books and re-invent them as e-books. Look for Sell Out on Nook, Kindle, iBook and wherever e-books are sold on June 1st. The others will roll out this summer.