As an adoptive mother aka single mother of an energetic, affectionate and all around cool three-year old, I am guilty of that which the NWNW mission favors. I am an advocate for single motherhood. Far from being anti-marriage, I am simply pro-children in need of a loving home.

The state of black-on-black love is an abomination. That’s not news or newsworthy. What should, however, be a hot topic is what to do with the tens of thousands of Black babies either languishing in the system or being adopted by other races. If we, single or otherwise, don’t go and get those kids, who will? Though the NWNW’s missions is mum on this subject, I refuse to believe that Black people who claim to love Black people are so short-sighted as to suggest that it’s better for children to remain in foster care than be raised by a single mother. I don’t believe it. Not for a second.

Ask an adoptee if given the choice between growing up in a loving, stable home with a single mother or growing up in a group home or on the street which would they prefer. I know what I would choose. No doubt that a stable, healthy two-parent household is optimum. (I look forward to joining those ranks myself!) The reality though is that our families are in dire straits. Our children need us and to advise against being a mother until a man puts a ring on it is selfish, for “the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

And if my status as a single mother drives the statistics of non-married Black women through the roof, sue me.